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Modding Exploits of Richard 'DarthBeavis' Surroz


I want to make sure I give thanks to Ben at Mountain Mods for the custom cut fan grill covers . . .I forget to give Ben props cause the grills are on the back . . .I need to email the guys at CPU Mag to make sure I gave him credit in their interview . . .so many people to credit:

Rokk – cutting the brain, mobo tray, and ram cover
Vector – the idea for the fiber optics to the brain
Jeff – the technical details on using fiber optics (the man is a friggen light god)
SoundEvolution – for awesome mechanical skills and a second help of hands and abuse when I burned myself
My wife – for the original idea and extreme patience – she also helped cut the mannequin up
Blarg – turned me on to one pimpy PSU
Dennis – turned my hdd mounting idea in the brain to something workable
NassauMike from AlienwareNiche – Mike is the ortho surgeon who advised me on the medical skeleton
G33xOR, CHIxXOR, fLETCH, AND kATIE I think also where in the round table for the original idea.

Others gave ideas but I am having a stack overflow






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