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Modding Exploits of Richard 'DarthBeavis' Surroz

DarthBeavis body mod

Got my first tattoo 1/3 done – will have the tentacles coming from all sides and wrapping over shoulder and around arm, will also have termination points that end up like borg implants attached to body. Color still to be added. Also will have UV colors in it eventually


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Check out the 3d picture of the Nvidia team at PAX 2009

Please view with anaglyph glasses. I am the silly-looking guy with his arms crossed in front


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PAX videos

Nvidia booth and such:

CPU Mad Reader Mod Contest

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I survived PAX and got some really kewl Nvidia staff shirtz

PAX was a blast! Fletch and I worked the Nvidia booth all three days. I must say the NVidia people are fun to work with and hang out with (we also had a cool guy from EA games on staff as well). We had my American Flag build on display which was a plus for me.


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More Trek Work

Today is the last day to work on it (head to PAX around 5 PM or so). Got the shocks painted, ready to button up the monitors.

Monitor Backs

Monitor Backs



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w00t. Working hard on ‘Away Team’ mod . . .

My buddy and collaborator on this project describes the theme very eloquently:

For those that don’t know the build is sort of a portable engineering work station used by SCE away teams (Starfleet Corps of Engineers) which is analogous in the Trek verse to the Navy Sea Bee’s or the Army Corps of Engineers.

SCE away team engineering stations…built for engineers by engineers. They can interface with unknown alien ships systems, regulate anti-matter injectors, and replicate virtually any engineering parts needed for emergency repairs–including self sealing stem bolts. If you smell something burning do not panic as it’s just the built in three slice toast replicator.

This project will be themed on the utility case a Star Trek Engineering away team might take on a mission. Technology featured in this build will include Nvidia’s 3d Stereo graphics for the most immerse gaming short of a holodeck. The build will contain two mini-itx based systems for true head-to-head gaming. The project is a join venture between BoxGods (a.k.a. Geno) and Out of the Box Mods (a.k.a. me). Our goal is to have it premier at QuakeCon (Nvidia has booth space reserved for it) then next travel to PAX.

– Nvidia (3d monitors, glasses)
– Danger Den (CNC, laser, design services, I think I bought all the water-cooling parts retail for this project except GPU blocks)
– Crucial (Ballistix Tracer ram and SSD hard drives)
– Performance PCs (tons of stuff)
– Mountain Mods (thanks for helping get materials on short notice Ben!!!)
– BoxGods (aluminum boxes and tons of design services)
– Asus
– I wanted to fit FrozenQ reservoirs in but the space is so small he would have to make really small ones. I do not know if he will have time. Anyway, he still deserves a shout out.

Geno worked for months on the drawings and also made rough aluminum boxes for me. I took the boxes to Danger Den where Jeremy, the CEO of DD, was kind enough to give up his entire day to draw the holes for the case where I needed them and then use one of their CNC mills to cut the holes. I did my best to grind and polish the boxes but did get some professional help to get them perfect then I had an auto painter color the inside metallic teal (Geno’s suggestion to match a Trek uniform top) and also had them clear coat the outside. Geno and Brian (Prim0chill) helped out in a pinch and got most of the acrylic parts cut while Danger Den got the final monitor box parts and sponsor plaque cut.

Here are a few pics of work in process:

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