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Solidoodle project

Thanks to Solidoodle for transferring parts into the green powder-coated chassis I sent you. My plan is to build this 3d printer into a larger gaming computer.

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Queen of Blades

Progress is slow but we will be done by PDXLAN 21 in Feb 2013

Last parts to do: heat bending tubing for loop and wiring.

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Star Wars Celebration Orlando FL 2012

Had a great time working the NVIDIA booth at the Star War Celebration in Orlando this year . . .tons of Leias

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MakerFaire SF 2012

Travis and I worked the ASUS booth at Maker Faire in SF, had a great time. You can see an early prototype of my Queen of Blades build and also Bill Owens Serenity build

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Misc builds

Here are a few builds I have worked on over the past year or so.

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Project Hail to the King: Duke Nukem build

Official worklog at http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=202908

This project was commissioned by NVIDIA as a gift to Gearbox for the launch of Duke Nukem Forever. Partners in this project include:
NVIDIA Financed the project, project manager was Kris Rey, Community Manager from NVIDIA. Special thanks also go out to Eric Liu, Leslie Pirritano, and Mike DeNeffe (all NVIDIANS) for making this project happen. Sean Wix and Tim Springer from NVIDIA were patient enough to let us use their lab space and provide trouble-shooting to get some insane dual-screen 3d action going.
EVGA supplied Classified 3 motherboard and two Hydrocopper 2 580s
Danger Den Laser cutting services and all water-cooling at a nice discount
Crucial killer Ballistix Smart Tracer ram and two SSDS
East Bridge Manufacturing Discounted metal fabrication services hub and mini gun came out beautiful!
BoxGods insane design that make the project so much easier
ASUS two 23 3d monitors
Frozen CPU nice discounts on various parts especially the UV Green wire for the PSUs
Silverstone 1500 watt PSU
Fernando from Painters Supply in Salem Oregon busted his tail to help get skin painted in time
The guys at Mid Valley Metal works for the use of their HUGE powder coating oven for bending the skins
My wife Delia who helped me heat bend the pod skins and who put up with the mess in our great room while I built this puppy
and my best friend (next to the wife) Chris Fletcher who gave up his time to travel with me to NVIDIA to complete the build
Gearbox and 2k for making the game and supporting this project!!! official worklog at http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=202908

I will not reproduce everything in the Geforce.com article found here http://www.geforce.com/#/News/articlforever-pc-mod but will instead add to it to provide more details and allow you to give feedback. Geno and I feel we want to not only produce worklogs to publicize the project but also to make the worklog a learning experience and to give back to the community. This worklog will be spread out over a a week or so please keep checking for updates.

As stated in the article, we had several concepts for this project which were considered before arriving at one which everyone liked. My first submission was a school-girl themed design. I will not go into too much detail on this one but you can figure it out if you look at some Duke artwork. The second concept was the single Duke logo with buildings on each side.

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Pictures of Holocron build cover of CPU Magazine July 2011!

The project is a 50 terabyte HTPC

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working on Brimstone

Specs are 3-way SLI 480s, ASUS Rampage III motherboard, Intel 980x Exteme Edition processor, 8 gig HDDS, custom Danger Den Double-wide Tower 21, Silverstone Zeus 1200m power supply custom sleeved by Performance PCS. Air-brushing of course by http://www.stevenunez.com

Here is version 1.0

First, installing Danger Den blocks on the nVidia Geforce 480s

Next, do some custom stuff like cover optical drive with wrap from Ridick Graphics and designed and SLI bridge cover which Danger Den will laser cut out of red mirror acrylic

I modded a Crystal Skull Vodka bottle (thanks to Geno for designing the top plug) to use as a resevoir:

Version 1 completed:

I took version one to QuakeCon where it was displayed in the ASUS booth (I worked the booth as well).

For version 2.0 I changed the loop a bit using black tubing and remove the skull resevoir as it was restricting flow. I also installed a double pump system using a Bitspower top and Danger Den radiator reservoir. Note the new Danger Den Rampage III block is used in this version as well. Killer product. This version was displayed at BlizzCon in the ASUS booth (which I again worked).

This is at PDXLAN 16.5 running nVidia 3d Surround

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New Air-brusher on board . . w00t

http://www.SteveNunez.com This is our first project: Brimstone. It will be my personal gaming rig.

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CES rigs for Crucial and Nvidia

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