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Nvidia Trip . . .w00t

Have a hell fun time . . .got a grand tour saw cool stuff although I cannot talk about some of it due to NDA. The marketing guys at Nvidia loved the build. Here are some pictures of the trip.

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Home run stretch for NVidia Charity build

Just have to add the two 1 Terabyte hard drives generously donated by Western Digital (I <3 WD . . .just check out the raid 0+1 array of four WD Velociraptors in my clinic Skulltrail server via the builds and mods link). Thanks for Performance PCs for all the stuff I needed to get the sleeving done!!!

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Blade design for Asus mod contest

I wanted to finish this project so here it is:
Only an Asus Xtreme motherboard with its plethora of over-clocking abilities and and performance features that are not only present but also transparent, is worthy of this build. The system will be animatronic and will open up when in performance-mode to give the liquid-cooling system the additional air-flow it needs to keep up with the Asus over-clocking.

Blade is sort of a group project. I enlisted a modder buddy, [email protected], to design a Blade-themed case. He took my basic idea and really ran with it (putting in over 300 hours of highly-professional work).
The rig will be two gaming rigs in one case with a removable file server on the top. The shape of the build is a cross. The arms of the cross contain two 20 LCD monitors in the top and bottom arm of the cross. When the rig is turned on the cross arms turn to gaming mode by rotating 90 degree so you can see two monitors from the front and two from the back. The tower portion of the case has a radiator box that moves forward, rotates to display the Blades sword with the radiator behind it (fan grills made from polished aluminum bars will be between the rad and sword and will look like the grill on Blades car).

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Charity Build Videos

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More Charity Build Pix

Talking it up to PDXLAN now

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